Center for Ethical Formation and Legal Education Reform

About the Center

The Center for Ethical Formation & Legal Education Reform coordinates the programs and resources Regent University School of Law has committed to developing professional identity in our students. This commitment accentuates the expertise of Regent University School of Law in providing practical training that develops in students the ethical judgment important to the practice of law.

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Beyond the Rule

Beyond the Rule is a blog recognizing that teaching a person to be a lawyer involves educating the whole person, and in particular assisting the law student to form a moral compass so that the student is more likely to practice law ethically.

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Mentor Program

Since its inception in the spring of 2013, the Mentor Program has promoted our students’ individual character formation and professional identity development through lasting relationships with lawyers and judges from within and beyond the Hampton Roads community. We invite prospective students, current students, mentors, prospective mentors, and those interested in learning more about the program to discover how our program has personally and professionally shaped our students’ lives positively to impact the legal community.

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Scholarship and Resources

The Center’s faculty publish and present on the topic of professional identity formation nationwide. The Center fosters scholarly inquiry into the pedagogy of moral formation. The Center produces resources to help students nurture their professional growth and resources that help law professors teach within both the cognitive and effective paradigms. The Center also provides continuing legal education (CLE) courses on ethical formation and the legal profession.

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