Partner Organizations

Danny DeWalt, Associate Dean for Administration and Leadership Development, Director, Parris Institute for Professional Formation, Pepperdine University School of Law.
“The Center for Ethical Formation and Legal Education Reform at Regent University School of Law is pioneering a movement to recapture the foundational and essential ideals that have marked the legal profession.  In the midst of an environment of increasing cynicism and corruption, Regent is leading a national effort to partner with other law schools to equip students with the resources to invest in forming their professional, moral identity.  Nothing less is needed to insure our system of justice is the envy of the world.”


Legal Community

John T. Berry, Director of the Legal Division, the Florida Bar
“I have been as involved in all aspects of professional identity formation as anyone in the nation. As discipline counsel I have taken the licenses away from more lawyers than anyone in the nation.  Nothing Regent does.  Let me repeat that nothing Regent does to prepare their Christian students for their legal and moral challenges in practice is more important than the work of the Center for Ethical Formation.”




Barrett Luxhoj, Class of 2013
“I encourage all of you to join the CEFLER mentoring program. It’s critical for your development because you have to rely on more than just a set of rules; you have to rely on a moral compass.”



Debra B. Stieglitz, Class of 2018
The CEFLER mentorship program gave me a fantastic opportunity to get to know an attorney in the community outside of the law school world.  The best part, for me, was being able to connect on a more personal level with my mentor.  At Regent, we are fortunate to have many opportunities to speak with other attorney’s/professors about the law profession.  But, the CEFLER mentorship program provided the opportunity to speak with a successful lawyer about more than just the job and how to be a good Christian lawyer.  I particularly enjoyed all the conversations and advice my mentor gave me regarding work/family life balance.  Hearing how my mentor was able to have a successful career while still making time for her family and her other passions (sailing in her case) helped me see that a successful career does not mean leaving behind other passions in my life.  Hearing how my mentor began her career and the lessons she learned along the way provided a roadmap on how to balance work and life successfully.

Katie Heller, Class of 2018
My CEFLER mentorship program has been awesome! I was able to connect and get to know an attorney in my home state of Montana. I was able to ask questions about law school and life, as well as he gave me a few projects with great feedback. A few of the goals I discussed with my mentor were, (1) networking/connecting with the legal community in Montana, (2) learning about how he runs his law firm with the uniquely Christian point of view, and (3) building a relationship through law school and beyond that was beneficial to both parties. The goals are a work in progress, as they will continue to be! My mentor has instilled confidence and support in me in various ways, from feedback on projects to just checking in to make sure everything is going well to informing me about upcoming job openings in Montana. I actually received the opportunity to shadow my mentor for a day, and it was super awesome!  He is a very down to earth person, who cares about his clients and employees.

Student Mentees

Beatriz Suzuki, Class of 2020
I had the privilege of being assigned to a Federal Judge as a student mentee. Due to the fact that we live in different states, we have exchanged emails and phone calls, which have enriched my law school experience by having access to the experience of a federal judge. It has encouraging to learn about his law school experience along with its obstacles and victories. In addition, the Judge introduced me to his senior law clerk who is a Regent alumnus! This connection has opened my eyes to how closely knit the law community is and how vast Regent’s network reaches. I look forward to growing my network in my new career, and I am very thankful for my mentorship experience.


Corrie Lee Evans, Class of 2020
The CEFLER mentorship program is one of the greatest opportunities I took ahold of in law school. I was paired with a local Court of Appeals judge, and through my mentorship experience was able to obtain an internship with the Court of Appeals. Not only have I developed professionally through the internship, but my mentor continues to check in with how my semester is going, gives advice on course selection, and has helped me make decisions about extra-curricular activities and other internship opportunities. It has been a blessing to learn from a member of the legal profession who is eager to share their wisdom and experience.


Maricris Real-Prendingue, Class of 2020
Legal ethical formation is one of the biggest reasons why my husband and I decided that I would only apply to Regent University School of Law. The CEFLER’s mentorship program. helped me focus on the most helpful law school activities for my career goals. My mentor’s guidance led to the success of my summer internship interviews, which ultimately allowed me to intern at the Supreme Court of Virginia in the summer of 2018 and to look forward to interning at Williams Mullen and Kaufman & Canoles for the summer of 2019.


William Dunn, Class of 2020
The CEFLER mentorship program has opened many doors for me and has allowed me to benefit from the experience of someone who is actively engaged in the legal community. My mentor facilitated many introductions over the last year and has had a positive impact on my legal education by providing a ‘big picture’ lens that emphasizes integrity. He has counseled me on a variety of topics including how to have an effective internship to which classes might best prepare me for a particular specialty area. My mentor is an assistant commonwealth’s attorney that has taken me under his wing by allowing me to shadow him in court and making the introductions that are key to developing lasting professional relationships. We speak regularly, even if it’s a quick phone call, and he checks to make sure that I am staying on the correct path. I look forward to working with him in the future, and would highly recommend the CEFLER program as a way to augment your legal education.

Caroline Wright, Class of 2020
The CEFLER mentorship program allowed me to connect with a legal professional in an area of law that was unfamiliar to me. My mentor was incredibly personable and available to answer questions and provide candid advice. She also eased my worries about balancing family life with the practice of law. Also, she also invited me to her law firm and facilitated an informal meeting with her law partner. This gave me greater insight into the dynamic between the attorney’s who own a practice together and the importance of managing a law firm as a business. Finally, my mentorship experience was vital to my ability to remain open-minded in choosing a practice area. Because I have family that practices in a specific practice area, I was particularly focused on continuing that tradition. However, having a mentor through this program allowed me to remain objective and glean more insight from my classes because I was willing to see each new course as a potential practice area.