CEFLER Fast Facts

Here are just a few ways that CEFLER has sought to bring legal education reform and ethical formation to the forefront:

  • 45% of the Regent Law student body participates in a mentoring program (a huge increase from 9% when the program first began).
  • Almost 500 mentors (consisting of attorneys and judges across the country) have participated in CEFLER’s mentoring program since the program began.
  • Since 2014, more than 200 Regent Law students have elected to take a 7-hour Legal Workplace Skills course that emphasizes practical training.
  • More than 25 Regent Law courses now include integration of ethical formation into the course through class discussions, role-playing, direct teaching on professionalism, or class assignments.
  • More than a dozen pieces of scholarship on the importance of professional development and ethical formation, including a chapter written by Gantt and Madison: “Teaching Knowledge, Skills, and Values of Professional Identity Formation” in Building on Best Practices: Transforming Legal Education in a Changing World (Deborah Maranville, et al., eds., Lexis 2015).