Making the Pledge

A Regent Law Public Service Program

A Joint Program of the Office of Law Career & Alumni Services and The Center for Ethical Formation and Legal Education Reform

Regent University School of Law encourages students to pursue public service opportunities by recognizing their successful completion of service through the Making the Pledge Program. Law students should plan to complete at least 50 hours of public service starting with the second semester of 1L year and continuing through the completion of their studies at Regent Law.

The American Bar Association and Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct encourages every licensed attorney to do pro bono work, service rendered free of charge to indigent clients or to organizations that benefit the public.

The Office of Career & Alumni Services and the Center for Ethical Formation and Legal Education Reform believe that it is essential to foster students to develop the practice of serving their communities during law school and continue to throughout their legal careers. Making the Pledge furthers Regent’s commitment to merge the theoretical and practical, to produce thoughtful, talented lawyers, to present the practice of law as a way of service, and to propose a Christian perspective on law and justice.

What is Making the Pledge?

At Regent Law, we are dedicated to the principle that members and aspiring members of the legal profession have a professional obligation to serve their communities by providing quality legal services to under-represented individuals, groups or causes and by going above and beyond life commitments to assist those in need. Regent Law challenges all law students to complete at least 50 hours of public service for which they are not being compensated or receiving academic credit during their time at Regent.  Of the 50 hours, up to 20 hours may be community service hours and at least 30 pro bono hours.

How do I sign up?

To register for the Making the Pledge program, sign an “Individual Commitment of Time & Talent” form in the Office of Career & Alumni Services in RH 247.

What types of volunteer work count towards Making the Pledge?

You may complete your hours through service to a charitable, religious, civic, community, governmental or educational organization or any cause that serves the good of the community.  However, when possible, we urge you to serve with a law-related organization, for example, Legal Aid or the Center for Global Justice. You may serve at more than one site, either locally or in your home state, to complete your 50 hours.

The 50 hours of service must be supervised, logged, and verified through a supervisor evaluation in order to be recognized as completed and recognized at Commissioning.

Who can participate?

To participate in the program, students must have completed their first semester in law school and be in good academic standing. First-year law students may sign up for the program in their first semester, but should not begin their volunteer work hours until they have completed their first semester.

When must I complete my hours?

Your service must be recorded by mid-April of your graduation year so that we can acknowledge you during commissioning.

Will I receive a record of my service?

All students who complete Making the Pledge will receive a Certificate of Completion signed by the Dean of the Law School and will be recognized at commissioning.

How do I find volunteer opportunities?

Identify ways that you would like to serve your community. Whether they are law-related or community-related, contact a member of the organization to learn about their volunteer openings.


ABA Model Rule 6.1. and Pro Bono Legal Service Defined

Regent Law Office of Law Career & Alumni Services