Mentor Program

Mentoring Program - Preparing Future Lawyers
Mentoring Program – Preparing Future Lawyers

Since its inception in February of 2013, the CEFLER Mentor Program has promoted our students’ individual character formation and professional development through lasting relationships with lawyers and judges from within and beyond the Hampton Roads community. The program directors aim to pair each participating law student with a legal professional who (1) practices in the state where that law student intends to practice; and (2) specializes in the practice area most aligned with that student’s interests.

The program kicked off its fourth year of operation this semester with active participation from over 200 law students, lawyers and judges from across the country. The mentorship opportunity provides an uniquely valuable experience for students to glean practical and personal advice from practicing attorneys and judges, and the consensus from the mentors is that the benefit is a mutual one.

We invite prospective students, current students, mentors, prospective mentors, and those interested in learning more about the program to discover how our program has personally and professionally shaped our students’ lives positively to impact the legal community.

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