CEFLER’s Mentor Program

Since its inception in February of 2013, the CEFLER Mentor Program has promoted our students’ individual character formation and professional development through lasting relationships with lawyers and judges from within and beyond the Hampton Roads community.

The program directors aim to pair each participating law student with a legal professional who (1) practices in the state where that law student intends to practice; and (2) specializes in the practice area most aligned with that student’s interests.

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Making the Pledge

A Joint Program of the Office of Law Career & Alumni Services and The Center for Ethical Formation and Legal Education Reform

Regent University School of Law encourages students to pursue public service opportunities by recognizing their successful completion of service through the Making the Pledge Program. Law students should plan to complete at least 50 hours of public service starting with the second semester of 1L year and continuing through the completion of their studies at Regent Law.

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