Synergy Virginia Bar Prep Course

Developed by Randy Singer, Esq. and taught by Regent Law Professor Ben Madison, an expert in effective Bar essay analysis and writing,  this course “drills” essays over and over to help prepare for the the 60% portion of Virginia’s bar exam (drawn from 26 different topic areas).

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Classes take places each weeknight starting Monday, July 15 through Friday, July 26, 2019, from 6 PM to 9 PM.

Cost: $399

Regent Law alumni out of the area will also have the opportunity to participate remotely online.

Questions? Please contact Law Career and Alumni Services at 757.352.4591 or

“I decided to take the Synergy course because I knew how important it was to do well on the essay portion of the Virginia Bar. I thought it would be best to get my eyes on as many essays as I could before the exam so when exam day came, answering them would be second nature.

On exam day that is precisely what happened! Even better than knowing exactly what the questions were asking, one of the essays we reviewed in the course was verbatim on the exam, and another was very similar to one we studied in the course.

This not only gave me a boost of confidence during the exam, but it provided me with valuable extra time to go back to longer questions.”

Jessica N. Samms, J.D.
Regent University School of Law
Class of 2016

“Are you ready for the Virginia Bar? I’m sure you are studying hard with Kaplan, Themis, Barbri or another national bar prep course. I did everything I could with the course I used last year to get ready for the bar! I took the sample tests, did the reviews, and studied with a group.

And, I did more than that.

I enrolled in the Synergy Bar Prep Course by Randy Singer. That course made the difference for me. I had not taken Virginia Civil Procedure or UCC courses. Synergy got me ready for the Virginia Essay portion of the Bar! It can do the same for you.  Without the Synergy course, my chances of passing would have been must tighter. There were specific questions and recent cases that we studied that were on the exam. I was ready for it because of the course!”

Glenn S. Reynolds, D.Min., J.D
Regent University School of Law
Class of 2016